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Before starting a project,  users/organizations need to understand all the aspects of a solar plant including the expected yield, expenditure, maintenance and risks. Tropical Solar consultants, proficient in nuances of a solar power project, have the expertise to provide you with an  expert analysis considering the clients’ requirements.

WHY US? Because our methodology is directly aimed at maximizing clients’ benefits.

Various aspects such as technical analysis of the site, State and Central government policies pertaining to the project, budgetary analysis related to varied designs are covered to check the feasibility of the project.

Tropical Solar aims to support your project from “Concept to Commissioning” and ‘Lay the foundation for a 25 year system’. With  a thorough study  of solar  policies of the Central as well as State Governments, technology, project management and finance, Tropical Solar aims to maximise our clients’ return on investments (ROI) and accelerate project execution.

We handle the complete project  execution. To maintain quality of the project and to keep it cost-effective,  execution in accordance with the project  design is important.  We at Tropical Solar ensure that  that the plant is installed to perform at its peak for the next 25 years or more. We execute the project with the best quality products in the given budget and within the time frame.