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1Usually, homes contain terraces that go largely unutilized. The most common and useful practice is to use the rooftop area to set up solar power projects that are used to power common housing loads such as lighting and pumping needs.

Tropical Solar will help you determine how to take your residential societies solar. Going solar will make your home green and also help you save on power costs.


Installation of Solar panels on your rooftop has several advantages:

  • It will lower your power cost
  • After 5-6 years, you will be using the electricity free of charge
  • Assume you have a 1 kWh rooftop system. A 1 kWh system will cost you around 80,000 rupees. A solar PV system’s lifecycle usually lasts 25 years so your system shall cost you about 3,200 rupees per year. Now, 1 kWh system shall produce about 4.5 units of power everyday. Considering the price of grid electricity to be 4 rupees, you earn about 6,570 rupees every year. That is 3,370 rupees of savings every year!
  • If you’re from an investment mindset, your solar PV system will give you returns in the range of 12-18% average ROI over the lifecycle of your system!
  • You will of course use clean and green energy and reduce carbon emissions!


4Replace grid and diesel with cheaper solar

The tariff charged to commercial establishments in the country is higher than industrial or domestic consumers. The commercial tariff of grid-supplied electricity is at all-time high, with more than 30% increase in just last 3 years. And the tariff is expected to further increase over the coming years.

Availability of unused rooftop space combined with increasing commercial tariff and dependence on expensive diesel for back-up power justifies investments in solar power. By making smart choice to go ‘solar’, commercial establishments can utilize the untapped solar power potential of their rooftops to satisfy a large chunk of their energy requirement during the daytime. By switching to clean energy, they will help to hedge against rising power tariff. With the lowest ever cost, the solar PV systems will earn the money back in as less as 4 years. The cost of solar energy is already lower than that of diesel generators, and in many places, lower than the commercial tariff.

Tropical Solar provides solar power solutions at the best price, customized according to application types and client requirements. Since the system life is expected to be more than 25 years, we have high quality standards to provide our end-to-end solutions.

Solar PV installation at your rooftop has the following benefits:

  • Cheaper than running diesel generators
  • Security against frequent power cuts and hedge against rising power costs
  • Subsidy benefits from MNRE and state government bodies
  • Tax benefits- accelerated depreciation
  • Big step towards going green and corporate social responsibility
  • Easy installation in the existing setup
  • Negligible operation & maintenance costs
  • Solar PV system cheaper than ever before

Tropical Solar can provide you with a high quality, value for money, and-to-end solution for your needs.