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Utility scale projects involve grid connected project capacities beyond 1 MW. These projects can be used to power entire factories (Captive Use) or supply power to the grid for everyone to use. In case of captive use, power produced from the modules will be converted from DC to AC and upped to a voltage that can be used to run the factory equipment and lighting. In case of supply to the grid, power produced from the modules once converted from DC to AC will be jumped up to transmission or utility level voltage (11kV, 33kV, etc.) for it to successfully transported over transmission lines to a Transco Substation (S/S). The payment for supplying power to the grid is usually metered at the plant or S/S level depending upon the regulations.

  • Captive Use: Factories, Industries, Commercial Complexes, Corporate Houses, Large Residential Societies, Educational Institutions, Healthcare Complexes, Hotels, Resorts, Religious Establishments, etc.
  • Grid Use: JNNSM, REC Certificates, Independent Power Producer (IPP), etc.
  • Captive Use
    • Electricity bill savings for large morning (9am-6pm) electricity/load requirements.
    • Higher savings during peak load hours/pricing
    • Higher savings using single and dual axis trackers at same cost as fixed tilt systems
  • Grid Supply
    • Monthly/Quarterly income by supplying electricity to grid through a government/private PPA
    • ROI can be between 15%-23% depending upon prevailing unit price and interest on capital

Life-Cycle EPC:

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